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I want to express my gratitude and thank you for the outstanding services that JMCC has provided our company for the past 11 eleven years. JMCC has always treated Glen Grove Management and our valued customers with the highest level of care and provided the highest quality of service. No job has been too large or too small to receive a great service and personal care associated with JMCC. Additionally an emergency service is second to none. From our numerous superintendents and cleaning staff that JMCC provide to the many odd jobs that JMCC never refuses, we would truly be at a disadvantage, for this we are very appreciative.

Brian Pereira
Glen Grove Suites


Simerra Property Management relies on suppliers to service their clients. It is imperative that our suppliers have a proven track record and can provide service that we are proud to associate our name with. JMCC (Janitorial Maintenance Cleaning contractors Inc.) is one of these companies. We have had the pleasure to work with Jack Goncalves and his team for the past ten years. They are a diverse supplier who can respond to our landscaping, grounds maintenance, snow removal and cleaning requirements. They are professional, hard working and dependable. They also understand the complexity of a condominium environment which is critical in our specialized area of property management. We would highly recommend them and look forward to many more years of their service.

Simerra Property Management Inc.


Many of the condominium corporations which Times Property Management Inc. has the privilege of managing has been very fortunate over the years to have either their housekeeping and/or their landscaping needs serviced by your companies. The quality of personnel and workmanship has easily met or exceeded the expectations of our client boards and communities. Your willingness to work with the various communities, your willingness to accept constructive advice, and your willingness to stand behind all facets of your operation are a true testament to your company and personnel.

Harold S. Cipin, M.Sc., Hons. B.A., RCM
Times Property Management